John Banting British, 1902-1972

Painter of Surrealist works in a wide range of media; designer and stage designer.  He studied with Meninsky at Westerminster School of Art in 1921 and then in Paris.  In 1925 he was associated with the Bloomsbury Group and in 1927 exhibited with the London Group.  He also showed at the Werthein, Cooling and Storran Galleries, London.  In 1930 he met Duchamp, Breton, Giacometti and Cravel in Paris and on his return Nash noted the influence of surrealism on his work. In 1936 he exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibitions in London and New York,  and also in Paris in 1938.  After the war he was associated with the English Surrealist and the later part of his life was spent in Hastings.  His early work was influenced by Picasso, Braques and Gris but he quickly evolved his own repetoire of forms and subjects; plants, bones, shells and feathers etc.  often constructed into strange figures etc.  Conversation Piece, (The Tate Gallery). He experimented widely with techniques and also produced abstracts and more naturalistic works.  Banting made blue-prints (1931-2) using an architects printer; he also did etchings and linocuts at the same period.