Lawrence Atkinson British, 1873-1931

Vorticist and abstract painter and sculptor.  Born in Manchester, he studied music in Paris and Berlin, subsequently becoming a performer and singing teacher in London and Liverpool. He then studied painting at La Palette, Paris, under Fergusson, exhibiting at the Stafford Gallery, London (with Dismorr) in 1912 and at the AA in 1913.  Associated with the Rebel Art Centre and influenced by Wyndham Lewis, he signed the Vorticist Manifesto and exhibited in the Vorticist Exhibition 1915.  He exhibited abstract works at the LG 1916-19, and he continued to pursue his radical artistic interests, showing 'Abstract Sculpture and Painting' at the Eldar Gallery in 1921.  Whilst his early work was fauvist in style, under the influence of Lewis and Cubism he evolved a clear, geometric form of abstraction.  Close to the Vorticist in some works and retaining the angularity of their forms, he was, however, more restrained in both colour and construction.