René Audebès - The Surrealist Drawings 1944-53

31st August - 7th October 2023

The Court Gallery will be exhibiting an exceptional series of early drawings and works on paper by the avant-garde French artist René Audebès (1921-1993) completed between 1944 and 1953.

Born at Sainte-Livrade (Lot-et-Garonne), Audebès moved to study in Paris in 1944 and became a student of drawing at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. He then studied under the great cubist artist and theorist, Jean Metzinger, eventually becoming his assistant. During these early years in Paris Audebès displayed an outstanding talent for drawing and developed a highly original 'surrealist' style employing a fluid line that expressed the artist's awareness of the blunt psychological ferocity of the world around him. Audebès was in Paris during the German occupation and then witnessed the liberation and the 'ugly carnival' of retributions during the aftermath.

This historically important series of more than thirty works have not been exhibited before and show an artist at the forefront of the violently altered post-war world - a witness to monunmental moments in history and the profound artistic changes that followed. The raw psychological energy of many of these works seem to anticipate Francis Bacon and the School of London artists.


René Audebès (1921-1993)


1950 Prix de la Jeune Peinture, chez Drouant David. Achats par le Docteur Girardin. Exposition a la Galerie du Club Saint-Germain.

1952 Galerie « Suzanne Michel », exposition personnelle.

1953 Galerie « Suzanne Michel », exposition personnelle.

1954 Centre Saint-Jacques, exposition personnelle.

1955 Centre Saint-Jacques, groupe, dessins.

1956 Galerie « Cini », groupe. Galerie du « Haut Pave », exposition personnelle. 1958/1962 Sous contrat avec la Galerie « Henriette Gomes », achats mais pas d'exposition.

1962 Galerie « Jo d'Avray », personnelle.

1965 Maison de l'Etudiant, personnelle. 1967 Galerje du Triangle, exposition personnelle. 28

1962/1970 Atelier de la Monnaie (Lille) gro 1970 Groupe itinerant au Japon. '

1973 Atelier 23, exposition personnelle.

1980 Galerie Jean-Pierre Lavignes, exposition personnelle.

Mercedes Benz (Tokyo).

Fondation Pagani (Milan).

Docteur Girardin.

Comte Marinotti (Milan).

Collection Zweiger (Antibes).

Collection Marcel Blum (Bale).

Collection Jacques Champreux (Paris).

Collection Fondation Capa.

Collections privees a Paris, Lille, Belfort, A Bale, Colmar, Tokyo, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Milan, etc.


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August 27, 2023