15 Woodcuts by Léopold Survage

28th February - 25th March 2023

Survage’s contribution to the 1914 Salon des Indépendants was applauded by the famous poet and critic Guillaume Apollinaire, who subsequently organised a one-man exhibition for him in 1917 at the Galerie Bougard. It was during these years that Survage embarked on one of his most famous and influential series, the Cubistic city scenes “Paysages Cubistes”. In 1919 Survage became highly active with the legendary Séction d’ Or group to which he had been a founding member and consisted of all the modern masters, Archipenko, Braque, Boccioni, Gris, Leger, Picasso, Van Doesburg etc. Together they held revolutionary exhibitions in Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome. At this time Survage also began to exhibit at the famous Galerie L’Effort Moderne of Léonce Rosenberg who had taken over from Kahnweiler as the leading Cubist dealer. Here during the 1920’s Survage exhibited in several major exhibitions such as “L’Effort Moderne”; “Les Maitres du Cubisme”; “Synthèse et Construction”. Furthermore Survage became involved with the activities of De Stijl and created a series of works for the Bauhaus.

Throughout this highly innovative period Survage produced a dramatic series of woodcuts that were influenced by aspects of cubism and surrealism. Some of the woodcuts in this exhibition are rare impressions that were produced specifically for the Bauhaus.



February 24, 2023